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RETURN to the Origin of the Triathlon! 

On this triathlon you will not have medals, gifts when you register!

Only the necessary for the safety of the race will be put in place by the organization. The 3 courses and each discipline will therefore be marked and secured correctly. 


As for supplies, you will need to equip yourself to hold the entire race. We will only provide water on the courses but you will need to be in possession of a container to help yourself.





What does my registration include? 

- Safety while running 

- Water on the aid stations 

- The bib 

- Timing

- Animation

can add options?

No ! No option is not offered by the organization. 

What will be on the supplies? 

Only liquid will be placed on the aid stations. You must have on you during the race a container that you will use to drink (Canister, Flask, Eco Cup).  

What should I bring for my race?

- Your racing equipment.

- A water reserve of at least 250 Cl for running and 500 Cl for cycling. 

- A food reserve (gel or bars). 

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